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Friday, February 8

Wah, Lucky Me~~~

Okay for those who know me, they would know, I am not that kind of person who would be lucky in anything. I won lucky draw once, only once. Can you believe it?

Anyway, I got two mails today and quite excited. I now live in a world where people would get excited over snail mails instead of emails. I got hundred of emails daily. I no longer excited but annoyed most of the time as half of them were spams, junks, whatever you name them. Someone need to give them (spammers) a piece of mind on:

1. We won't win lotteries especially when I never participate in one.
2. Someone won't just give me money because one person died and they need to transfer it.
3. I am not interested to buy anything especially viagra or any other pills.
4. I'll get rich without joining stupid scheme as obviously I won't if I join it.
5. If I don't have an account in any particular bank, there's no way my account would be block so there's no need for to reset the password using email.

Okay, back to the topic (ADHD much?) I received mails about debts most of them. I hardly received mails telling me I won anything. But this morning, I got two.

Wah, super excited!!!!

This was from Zoo Taiping. I won tickets for day and night entrance. I didn't expect to win anything when I filled the form back then. Pizet already claimed the day tickets. So this make my lucky draw wins to two.

Yup, it's BR1M. I received the RM250. What should I do with it? Pay debt.

Anymore lucky mails for me?