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Wednesday, February 20

I Also Received One From Etiqa ^.^

Pizet, I also received one!!!

Okay for those who had no clue, recently Pizet received checks from Etiqa. Something about them making profits and giving back to customers. I didn't understand, nor did I planned too. What I care was 'why I didn't received one?' Which I shamelessly asked her, not like she would be able to answer me. The mail came in like yesterday or the day before, and I also received a check. 

Syuhada, you also use Etiqa right? Did you got one? (or more?)

So anyone else who want to send me money for a reason or unknown reason, please don't hesitate to do so. They won't ask for it back right? Like that birthday wish.


syuhada said...

tak dak ponnnn...

Prinzcy Syida said...

how come? nnt kut.

pizet said...

jadila ada jugak kan

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