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Tuesday, December 4

Not WW Post (whatever~~~)

Received this card from Perodua Mergong. I almost reached Kuro's 10km service check now, probably that's why they send me this postcard (keep coming to us, we love you and your money) At first I thought it was raya card (even though it's not raya) or birthday wish like Etiqa once did during that one New Year and clearly it's not my birthday (later on, they apologized and did send the real one on my birthday, haha) This postcard got familiar faces on it if you're regular customer (by millage) to Perodua Mergong. I am touched, really, although they misspelled my address...


syuhada said...

perodua sini x ada bg pon.. haha

Prinzcy Syida said...

byk sgt kut customer, x dan. plus aku mmg p perodua ni ja dr first service (wah, bila ingat2 blk daku mmg setia ropanya~~~~~~~~)