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Tuesday, October 9

Safe Cases

Recently I've been in the market to look for a case that doesn't look like a case. Don't get it? Well, to make things simple, I don't see the point using a case that look so huge and inviting thief when the cash inside was like around RM100 or so. I found a couple of cases in the supermarket but they looked so obvious and not really look secretive. So I snooped around the Internet, which lead me to some cool discovery.

Stone Safe

You can buy this rock for around USD$4.95 or less (buying a rock? sound absurd?) and place it in your garden. Within the rock is a hidden compartment to hide your house keys. Like this:

or this:

I think it's pretty cool unless someone came and just pick up the rock randomly to throw it at something. I am not sure whether it really look like a rock or not. Somehow I have an urge to buy this as a gift. Who want a rock for their birthday?(somehow this sentence sound weird~)

Book safe

I've been looking for this type of safe. I found one at Popular but it clearly wrote the words 'coin safe' outside. Why????? Anyway, there are a few cool and look pretty much like a book on the Internet.

Who would thought a dictionary contains so much inside?:D

Other safes

Apart from the stone and the book, I also found more weird safes, which sometimes I wouldn't think it can be made a safe.

Looks real? Of course it is a safe (in a shape of canned food).

And this one contained no shaving cream at all.

Apart from being a safe, it also work as computer mouse! Unless the thief interested in stealing the mouse, you got nothing to worry about.

Coke can that contains no coke and probably can or cannot be recycle.

There are still more on the list. I even find a comb safe. Human imagination really amaze me~~~


Anonymous said...

tin biskut is the first safe that i think of. tapi mungkin mudah orang nak teka2 jgk kot itu adalah tmpt simpan duit. rock safe tu pretty cool though..

syuhada said...

those 2 anonymous's comments were me.. salah pilih option la pulak... you can delete one

Prinzcy Syida said...

i think the stone is pretty cool too tp mcm x practical plak kalau nk letak kt rumah aku. tiba2 ada sebiji batu besar dekat2 pintu...

syuhada said...

have u got one already?