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Monday, October 22

Quiet Day (Soon To Be Emo Day)

somehow this picture looks creepy...

Woke up this morning with hoarse voice and it's funny when I spoke. Actually I couldn't really spoke much as most words didn't came out correctly. I thought it would be best for me to let my throat rest a bit. I avoided speaking unless I really need to but it seemed like people couldn't leave me alone.

Even though I explained I didn't want to chat due to my throat's condition, some still wanted to engage with a chat. They kept asking questions and kept pestering me for replies. Even the telemarketer called me twice! WHY????'

Prinzcy is getting emo.

I already took tamarind juice and drank plenty of water. Maybe I'll try some of Syahira's Vitamin C pills tonight. Hopefully my voice would return to normal tomorrow.


syuhada said...

drink some honey.. good for sore throat. if got, add some lemon juice also.

Prinzcy Syida said...

i took syahira's vit c tablets. quite helpful.