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Saturday, October 6

Nosy, Nosy People Go Away~~~

People really love to ask.

I guess it's a habit to ask something when things are too quiet so the situation would be less awkward. Who said that? I did. I dunno. Something I made up based on what happen most of the time.

Probably it's part of human's habit to be curious as well, even in something that they shouldn't poke around. After that, some would starting giving advice and told you what you should and shouldn't do.

Nah, that's something I could never said as most of them were elders.

What's bugging me lately is the questions seems to be escalated. Back then was only about me not being married, my job, you know the common stuff. Now, they'll asked me about my business. How much I earn per day? How much I earn per month? How much I invested to start my business? Did I get a loan? How much all my assets worth? That was really irritating!

Let's put my situation in your shoes and I asked about your income and where you spend it to, would you consider me as rude and annoying?

Prinzcy is feeling emo tonight
Prinzcy needs chocolate.
PZ, what happened to Ferrero Roche?
Did you buy it or not? 


pizet said...

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