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Sunday, October 21

Finally Redeemed Something From Bonuslink

I actually didn't have much points at Bonuslink. What should I expect anyway? I only refill Kuro's fuel once a week for a round RM40, sometimes ever less. Kuro's a Viva, can't take more than that.

So my Bonuslink's points (which I got each time I swapped the time when I paid for the fuel) was around 3000 or so. Actually I never redeemed anything ever since I signup at Bonuslink. The thing is, some points expired each month. It's wasted for nothing!

I decided to try On-The-Spot at the gas station but the staff was so complicated. In the end, I went to Bonuslink's site to see what I could get. It's not for 3000 points or less but at least I managed to get something.
Tupperware and Water Bottle

They used up 1600 points as both items were paired up and part of Points Knock Down. You would say, "What? Just that!" At least my points were spend on something.  It was also considered as free stuff, even though I did pay for the fuel.

BTW, the delivery was pretty fast. I redeemed on 10th of October. The package arrived yesterday. I might redeemed something else again.


syuhada said...

bonuslink can be used at other place too... maybe that way you can increase the point?

i think kad mesra much better kot if really some points are to be expired each month.

Prinzcy Syida said...

kt sini x byk choice nk pakai pn. focus point bleh but i'm not wearing glasses.