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Monday, August 13

Olympic 2012 Closing Ceremony

I also woke up early to watch the show on TV2. Ha ha. No, actually I need to cook (and thankfully no more mishap this morning~~~)

To be honest, I am not a fan of concert and the closing ceremony was one of it. They're dishing out almost all singers they have. BTW, I didn't see Adele though. Did I missed her or she was never a part of the show?

And I would not embed a video of the closing ceremony since most will become private so it's kind of pointless. It's better to head to the source if you wish to watch it.

The next Olympic will be in Rio. When I heard Rio, I imagine beaches and football. DLCW said he'll played in the next Olympic right? Mak asked me whether Pandalela also going to participate in the next Olympic as well. Of course she will. She's 19! If things go well, she's not going to retired any time soon.

or you can check the full result here on london2012's site.
I might be mistaken but I heard Hasbullah Awang said "Asian highest rank is Thailand at 53." I was, "What? We Asian were that awful???" Then I recalled, China is also an Asia country. Wasn't China ranked second? Then I probably heard it wrong or he meant to say South East Asia.

Close file on Olympic, now I need to prepare for raya. So today's mission, looking for awesome grey baju kurung that looks like RM100++ but cost less than that (I'm cheap :p) I don't think such baju kurung exist though but I'll look around, just in case.

Off to shopping then~~~


syuhada said...

maybe he said ASEAN that sounded like Asian :P

such baju kurung exist. just need us to find with hawk eye hehe

Prinzcy Syida said...

actually i gave up on such baju. even typical baju kurung cost around rm100, more or less. so i decided to spend on the one that caught my interested. at least even the price a bit over budget, it worth it.