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Friday, July 20

That's So Common

At my CC, these are so common.

Dialogue 1 

Boy 1 : Come again tomorrow and I'll fight you again.
Boy 2 : Sure!

Note : They're actually talking about the game, Counter Strike (CS).

Dialogue 2

A : I'm dead! Who shoot me?
B : Sorry, my bad.

Note : Still about CS.

Dialogue 3

X : H-E-X-O?
Y : No, H-E-S-O-Y-A-M.

Note : They're spelling the cheats for a game. Sometimes it's like a spelling class in here when one try to teach another and they're speaking so loud as they're wearing headphone.

Dialogue 4

Boy A : Where did you that sword? It's so cool!
Boy B : I went on a mission and get that as a gift. I also won the Fire Nation challenge. I already passed the exam. I can get a pet after this.

Note :  That's a FB game. Sometimes they talked about obtaining Nine Tails Fox or rare items. I probably should upgrade and installed Diablo here. That should make their world.


syuhada said...

upgrade and we'll see more entertaining scenes hehe~

Prinzcy Syida said...

hehe, my current specs are enough for old diablo game. don't know how much it would cost to upgrade to install diablo 3. i'm thinking a lot.

pizet said...

kat rumah sp ada diablo 3...kena online br leh main...gigih sob simpan duit nak beli username

Prinzcy Syida said...

wor~~~ @.@