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Thursday, July 26

Looks Real

Looks real enough right?

To be honest, I'll almost tempted to download the attachment. But of course, the golden rule - never ever ever click any link or download any file to update, change or do whatever your account unless it is a request made by you. That's why I went straight to the source and find out whether something really happened.

Nothing happened. My account worked just fine. I haven't tried to transfer money or pay bills but I'll do that later on. And if my account were really terminated by then, I'll just do something about that. At this current moment, I would consider this a phishing attempt and totally ignore it. Plus even CIMB itself warned us not to download or click any suspicious link right?


syuhada said...

dia punya english pun macam pelik to be honest kan.. ayat tak business-like and professional.
hari tu aku dapat call dr mebeng (katanya) suruh aku fax ke dia my latest salary statement, katanya bank negara punya requirement utk credit card. bila aku tanya aku nak verify dia betul ke tak, dia berani la bg details semua. tp sampai skrg aku x buat pun (fax salary statement tu). actually kurang percaya jgk.. dulu masa depa nak offer c/c xde isu nak salary statement pun, suka2 depa stalk akaun aku..

Prinzcy Syida said...

scammers dh makin terer, ayat pn dh nk legit. cam real ja. bab stalking acc tu plak x jd lg dlm kes aku. mcm la byk duit sgt dia nk stalk :D