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Tuesday, July 24

Fasting and Menu

When it comes to fasting month, planning menu always been an issue. The thing is, we cook daily (exception if you're not cooking) Based on that, why cooking meals during fasting month became an issue?

I guess it's got to do with our idea on breaking fast with something special. It's not something fancy or expensive (I said that before someone started preaching about the important of being grateful for being able to eat when some people can't) but somehow I want something different each day if I can help it. 

First day was burning chicken roasted chicken, the second day fried rice, yesterday char keuw teow and today pasta and pizza (it's only 2.40 pm and I already planned for today's meal, hoho~~~)

It's only 4 days of fasting. Maybe the whole giddy mood will subsided over time. Probably around 15th, I'll start cooking rice daily, haha~~~