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Saturday, July 28

Cooking Mishaps and Olympic 2012 Opening Ceremony

Did you know Olympic 2012 started this morning? (some answers : ada aku kisah? tak~~~)

Anyway I'll get to that later. Since the opening ceremony began around 4.00 a.m. (you read that right, freaking 4.00 a.m.!) and I usually woke up around 4.30 a.m. to cook for sahur. Since I wanted to watch it so I woke up half an hour early. It's a good thing I did.

I ran out of cooking gas. Even the spare was emptied.

I even prepared stuffed squids to be steamed for sahur. Tak jadi nak makan. Sedih betul. Since I was not in the mood to start a fire using woods outside in the morning (wah that is so back to the basic~~~), I used our spare rice cooker. You know you can use rice cooker to even bake a bread and roasted chicken right? But that's easier to be done with the smart rice cooker, not the type I used, like this:

Image source : Wikipedia. The caption on Wikipedia's site : 'Inexpensive electric rice cooker containing cooked rice' :D

Each time the food was a bit hot, it automatically indicated that the food was cook and reduced the heat to warm. I put a spoon on the switch/indicator to ensure it was at it hottest temperature that it could get.

But even with all that, I did fried an egg and made a vegetable soup. Bravo hostel experience! I learnt a lot of things there! If I could find the cooker's steamer, I probably steam the squids as well.

And since I wanted to cook comfortably with rice cooker (alasan XD) I took the opportunity to cook in front of the television. 

Watching the opening ceremony was like watching a theater as it was so broadway. At least that's what I felt. It told a story from the old time, then moved on the one era to another. Lot of celebrities even took part. Even Mr. Bean (Rowan Atkinson) took part in the show.

And Queen Elizabeth jumping down a plane with James Bond (Daniel Craig)

Nah, the one that jumping won't likely be her.

And when most people ran with the Olympic torch, David Beckham took a speedboat. I was like, really? I thought he would be running too, he's a soccer player!

We (mak, Syahira and me) waited for Malaysian team to enter the stadium. But when it came to our turn, it was shown for too short. They couldn't wait to show the next country. Wah! Wah! Wah!

The most awaited event was the torch lighting ceremony at the stadium. I was thinking they might do something awesome like phoenix or any bird flying to the flame or something like that (me and my imagination~~~) But they just lit the fire at the small torches and they (the small torches) then gathered to be one giant torch. Well, it was pretty cool.

I couldn't find a video for the flame lighting. Most were ads to go to another site. Nah, it would show up in time. The event officially started today. For Malaysian team, good luck!

UPDATED : Since most videos gone private, just go to the official olympic channel on Youtube


syuhada said...

1. i know Olympic has started, but i thought so did the opening ceremony. hehe~ me, the ignorant >< btw, i sms-ed u about edward cullen last night was actually referring HP Goblet of Fire. Him as cederic that time :P

2. luckily u have more than 1 periuk karan. the caption "inexpensive" hahaha.. i still think all periuk karan are expensive even the basic one without steamer and all cool functions. in fact, the smaller it is, more expensive it becomes. sampai sekarang i still don't find suitable periuk karan with steamer yg tak besar sgt dan less expensive. of course i won't go for the smart cooker. i'm not that rajin cook to begin with, i know i won't fully utilize it.

3. my periuk karan is too light i think. if it cannot "feel" anything inside, the switch wont go to cook. last time, i need to tekan periuk dgn senduk bg berat sbb nak tumis nasi minyak (kes xdak gas tp nak makan sedap).

4. can't watch the videos. dah private or blocked.

5. team Malaysia takdak apa yg menarik for them to focus longer ><

6. "might do something awesome like phoenix or any bird flying to the flame or something like that" --> Harry Potter much? hehe~

Prinzcy Syida said...

1 - i thought they're airing twilight. i didn't watch it even if it did anyway. awal sungguh ke bulan haha

2 - they are more expensive, why? dunno la. the spare was a smaller one we hv in the house. since now we ate a lot (XD) i usually used the bigger rice cooker.

3 - the spare one was also light. that's why i placed a spoon on the switch to ensure it stayed down.

4 - adoyai~~~ i already thought something like that would happened. but that's okay. sooner or later those vids would be 'appeared' again.

5 - not really. but i think because we're malaysian, we wanted them to show our country a bit longer. we should have participated more athletes during the ceremony. that way the cameras would focused a bit longer on us.

6 - haha, not really. for me, torch lighting at the stadium should be about using something flying to light up the torch, like using arrow and all. but of course arrow already been used before. so why not....

pizet said...

macam mana hat spare pun boleh empty?

Prinzcy Syida said...

dunno. masa tukar gas x p tukar kedai. pastu x ada sapa nk kisah.