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Friday, June 15

The Idea of A Perfect Man

Source: Dailymail

So here's the idea of a perfect man based on a poll of 2,000 women carried out by clothing brand Austin Reed. Some can be agree to but to be honest, some of the result were weird for me.

Brown eyes
He can has red eyes for all I care as long as he is human.

A beer/ lager drinker

Drives an Audi
Not really. For me, a man should know how to drive a car. Any car will do.

Watches soaps
Even I don't watch soaps.

Can ride a bike?
Motorbike or bicycle?

Rings mum regularly.
A momma's boy?

Admit it when he looks at other women.
Why? Honestly, he can looks all he want to anyone as long as his heart is mine and he don't have any intention to cheat. There's no need to tell.

I think there's no such thing as a perfect man in any normal man, just like like there's no perfect woman. The only perfect man is Rasullullah S.A.W. The idea of a perfect man seemed to be biased, based on our dream to find one of those qualities in a man.


syuhada said...

"a man should know how to drive a car. Any car will do." <-- know what u mean >_<

btw, when i see "non-smoker" criteria in the list, i'm wondering.. how many women out there really stick to this rule? before meeting the so-called mr.right, "smoker is NO NO". but when actually found one and he is a smoker, rule suddenly change in the name of being considerate.

Prinzcy Syida said...

what i meant to say was, any car will do. kereta kecik, kereta besar, bas, keretapi, lori (wait, those are not cars anymore...), kereta kancil, wira, perodua, bmw, just any car as long as he knows how to drive.

the one that you talked about was a criteria of a dream men, not a perfect men. but i so agree of the 'non-smoker' criteria thingy but it so hard to ask that person to stop (u know which one) it's not being considerate but i already felt annoyed at him so i stop nagging about it. sekarang teringat balik terasa sakit hati balik.