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Wednesday, May 30

Talk Faster = Greater Short Term Memory?

I am known as someone who talk fast besides being talkative. Really fast. Like speeding bullet fast (exaggerate~~~) 

But it's true. I was once criticized by a senior who rudely told me to talk slower like my other friends as she couldn't understand me. At that time I just smile and plastered a goofy smile like I didn't care.

To be honest, it was sad when being told something like that. I even tried practising to talk slower but it didn't really work out.  Worst when I got excited or nervous, then the speed would increase. I know for a fact there are people who speak faster and I could be considered as normal sometimes but that didn't help to improve my self esteem.

But recently I found this article, The Talking Cure. It was at a moment thingy to look for something like this. I don't know why they feel the need to improve memory by teaching kids to talk faster but I do like this statement:

I like ^.^ (text now became an image was captured from this site : Psychology Today)

So if someone ever criticize me after this, I'll bear in mind that that person is slow has a bad memory, muahahaha.


syuhada said...

depa complain sebab depa tak dapat catch up apa yg ang cakap.. which is short term memory lost? mcm dory... haha.. me sometimes like that too. :P tapi tak pernah komplen direct to the face kot org tu cakap laju *cough*syida la tu*cough*

Prinzcy Syida said...

short term memory lost is like dory. in other word, i could also imagine that that person is dory if he/she tells me he/she doesn't understand anything i say >:)