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Wednesday, May 9

I Love U, You Love Me, Let's Share Password!

Today I turned into relationship consultant :p

I just noticed this trend on some of the kids these days. When they fell in love, became a couple and decided to move on to the next step in their relationship. Sharing password.

Not just Facebook's password but also email and maybe other online password that they have. Probably that's for a sign of devotion and being true to one another. Or maybe for their boyfriend or girlfriend to check whether they're not fooling around. Maybe if law forbid, they probably will open a join account at the bank like married couple.

A girl came to my CC yesterday asking me whether I could help her get back her FB account. I tried resetting the password and all but the ex boyfriend already change the password for her email as well. In the end I gave up but she still insisted.

"Why? You posted your naked photos there?" I asked jokingly (her mak would probably smack my head if she heard me)

She thought for a while and answered, "No." (Honestly? You need to think for that answer?)

To be honest, for all my life, there's a few things I would never ever ever share with any living soul. One of them is definitely password. It's one of the top ranking thing to be keep secret. If a situation called for me to give my password to someone else, I would definitely change it as soon as possible after that.

It's not much of an issue when they're still together, but things will definitely take drastic change when they break up. Especially the kind of break up involving verbal fighting and any not pretty stuff. The ex already know the passwords, emails and can use it for childish revenge.

So why share in the first place? There's more ways to show your love and loyalty. Besides, if your partner really love you then there's no need to check emails and control your online activities. Being obsessed and in love are two different matters. Seriously.


syuhada said...

maybe that's their sign of love and loyalty and what-so-ever..... but seriously, why would u want to share password?