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Tuesday, April 17

The So Obvious Questions

Have you realize people tend to ask the obvious. It's not like they don't know the answer but they still ask. Have you ever came across this questions like these?

1) What are you doing here?

A/N : I got this question a lot. I was at the market and that person asked me this. I had the urged to say I was playing football and going to seek the end of the rainbow after this. Mak would probably smack my head with her basket if I said that.

2) Have you seen her?

A/N : It also can be replaced, 'Have you seen it?' Mak loves to ask me this. I just arrived home from work and she'll asked me similar question as this one. The thing is, I just got home. There's no way I'll know. There's one time she asked me where my sister was and she's been with her all day while I just arrived.

3) Are you sleeping?

A/N : I really want to reply back, 'No, of course not. This is an automatic answering machine. Just leave a message after this hang up tone!' Duh! I don't sleep talk if you want to know. Of course I was not sleeping!

Do they really expect an answer or they just ask for the sake of asking?