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Wednesday, April 18

Happy 1st Birthday Syaza!

So today is the first birthday of Syaza. I can't believe it's been a year, I thought it was longer than that. Probably Shauqi's birthday been mixed up into my confusion. Anyway, I made this video especially for her. The music box sound wasn't long enough to cover the whole video so expect a minor glitch here and there.

p/s: I admit, I took photos from your blog and FB piza. If I didn't ask, I ask for them now.


Cik Nisa said...

wah!!!!!!!!! dah besor dia............ lpas ni kami nk ader baby ggak la..... hahaHAHAHAHA............... (gateiiiii.)

pizet said...

x leh tgk..tunggu blk satg la kat ofis block youtube dan fb

Prinzcy Syida said...


gatei lagi XD Insafla kamu wahai nisa~~~


gosh your office so boring~~~