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Sunday, April 29

Extreme Couponing

source : Wikipedia

I watched tonight's episode of Extreme Couponing on TLC and felt really amazed. You would be too. The woman purchased $600++ groceries and paid only $6.46. Yup, around 99% discount.

How did she did that? From coupons of course.

The thing is she lived in a country where coupons were easily obtained. She took her time to cut and organized them, plan her groceries and even took time to pay them (some coupons were for some amount of items and require some condition to fulfill to make it valid) The end result was priceless.

I could go to any store and took a few items but still paying more than she did for two trolleys of items.

We really more coupons in this country. It will definitely help me save a lot and channel those save more somewhere else.


syuhada said...

other super/hypermarket ada kupon tak selain tesco?

Prinzcy Syida said...

Actually ada. Tp setengah tu kena beli. Macam kalau harga asal RM60, dia diskaun RM30. Kita kena bayar dulu harga dah diskaun baru dapat kupon. Kira macam kita dh beli siap2 benda tu. Tp aku jumpa dalam Internet so a bit skeptical nk try.