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Wednesday, April 25

Blogger New Look

So I had been away from Blogger for a while. I don't think it's that long. I just made a post on Syaza's birthday last week. So when I login today, I was surprised.

OMG, new look! Bloggie you changed yourself while I was away!

I knew it would be coming but I didn't know when. Now I did.

Anyway, the new image was confusing at first. Can't blame me. I was used to the old Dashboard that the new one did made me looked around a bit just to start a new post. At the time being, I still enjoy the older version. But who knows, I might get use to this one. There's an addition for Location. Maybe I'll try that later. I also noticed if you used HTML, you need to really used HTML. When I used HTML in the older version, I could used it like WYSIWYG platform thingy. The newer one didn't allowed that. I still need to open the Compose to edit.


syuhada said...

hari ni baru sempat bukak blogger. wah!! >< setakat sekarang belum post new entry lagi, jadi tak tau lg jumpa ke tak button nak pergi compose tu..

Prinzcy Syida said...

good luck since I hover around to look for that post button. it's that pencil (okay, should have guest that)