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Friday, April 27

Astro Free Channels

Starting from 12.00 last night, Astro gifted their viewers free channels until 6th of May for making them the winner of Brand of The Year at Putra Brand Awards (when did everybody vote? Why didn't I know? Must be ignorant thingy) In other words, you may watch any channel except for Astro First, even the so damn expensive Sport Channels, Movies, Astro On Demand dramas and Astro Box Office.

Actually it's not really free considering you still need to pay the bills but those channels were damn expensive to be added to the current bill. So it still a good thing.

I mostly spend my time at the shop so there's not much chance for me to be a couch potato. Mak was thrilled. She could watch Indo pack again (that's the only bad news for this -.-!!) I also took that chance to watch HBO and Crime & Investigation. Since there's so many channels to watch for a week, I tend to channel surf (the remote's batteries would probably be dead before this thing were over)


syuhada said...

Crime and Investigation tu yg selalu tunjuk CSI, NCIS, Law&Order bla bla bla tu ke? Kalau kat tv aku mcm fox crime tu ke?
So many channels how to explore everything? Aku punya tv pun tak sempat betul2 explore, tp 1 dah decide nak langgan TVN (yg korea channel tu hahaha).
Take one day off and explore tanpa gangguan. tapi maybe still ada gangguan dr indo pack lover hehe :P

Prinzcy Syida said...

Crime and Investigation tunjuk real crime investigation. Yg ada CSI is AXN and NCIS kat Fox (just Fox, not Fox Crime) Penat jgk nk explore. Not to mention there's also some shows yg teringin nk tengok selama ni tp x bleh. So ada kesempatan la. There's only one korea channel but I already subscribe which is KBS World. Kalau Astro Beyond maybe lebih la kut.

pizet said...

syauqi layan baby tv..goodbye channel lain2 hukhuk

Prinzcy Syida said...

x sangka anak i tu tgk baby tv~~*

astro kan selalu mengulang2, bleh ja. x pun rasuah dengan game...