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Friday, March 2

Kuro 80,000km Service

I went to Kuro's 'medical check up' yesterday. For 80,000km, they changed the oil, air filter and more, including refilling the windscreen washer for RM3.80 (I usually refill it myself but not this time)

The total cost: RM280.00.

Still, I haven't change the timing belt. That cost alone will be RM300.00++. Syuhada, the other cost that I told you didn't include some other stuff that come along with the belt. So the real cost really is RM300.00++. I need to change it in the nearest future instead of in the next service which is in September or 94,000km.

This is how timing belt look like (Image : Wikipedia)

I wish I could sew the hole in my wallet T__________T


syuhada said...

maybe as long as you are not to drive somewhere far in the near future, the belt can wait for a while.. but not too long though. it kind of dangerous~

Prinzcy Syida said...

it is. i supposed to change it by now. perodua said i need to book first if i want to change it.