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Wednesday, March 28

Dentist Still Scary!

So I said last night.

This morning when I woke up, my right cheek was swollen like cupcake (without cherry on top) Mak insisted on visiting the dentist, which after a lot thinking, I did.

The thing is, I grew up with one perception about dentists, they're all scary! Back then, the only dentists available were the ones worked for the government. We didn't go to private dentists like my younger siblings (something I still resent when I remembered) You know how the dentists were. They're rough and didn't gave a damn about the pain you've been through. So when mak insisted on visiting dentist this morning, the memory resurfaced.

But I would still be in pain if I ignored so what the heck? Just go with it.

We went to PMC. I was the first customer so I was automatically admitted upon arrival in front of the dentist's clinic. Actually PMC got two dentists, both female. One of them was the sexy dentist that Awan was so fond of :D But I didn't know whether she was the one this morning.

It turned out it was my wisdom teeth was causing the problem. It already been erupted towards my cheek, causing pain and swollen gum. There's no problem with the teeth at all, except it's location. Actually I already felt pain from it for a couple of times but none caused swelling like this. The dentist gave me two options, extract or medication.

Medication only provided temporary relieve as we know. I was not going to go through it again so I choose it pull it out. So the dentist gave me anesthetic and something that taste like strawberry+bitter cough syrup+anesthetic.

After process was done, mak asked me, "Was it painful?"

Hehe, no mak, it felt wonderful like pulling out your nail. It was awesome.

So why am I still in cherry mood? I'm under painkillers, everything is good now.

Visiting private dentist was different from visiting government dentist. She was nice and already apologized beforehand telling me there's no way the process would not be painful. But that didn't completely reduce my perception towards dentists. Okay maybe tiny bit, but not all.

I am going to give that teeth a burial after this.

P/S : Dentist also reminded me of this


syuhada said...

ada satu klinik gigi kat KD that I really fond of. setiap kali p tak pernah jumpa doktor yg sama tapi semuanya nice2.

part mana yg sexy tu?
2 tahun lepas (rasanya) aku cabut gigi geraham dan rasanya skrg yg tumbuh kat spot yg kosong tu adalah wisdom teeth. tapi tanya dentist dia kata bukan.. which made me think "takkan la gigi yg dicabut tu gigi susu, dan yg tumbuh ganti tu gigi kekal yg sebenar.. HOW COME??"

Prinzcy Syida said...

sexy when she's wearing a few inches long skirt (okay, exaggerating but sort of the truth :p)

maybe it's the truth. that dentist should know, it's his job.