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Friday, March 9

Astro Bella Astro

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Astro replaced B4U to Astro Bella. It's a channel for woman, as the ads said. So there's a lot of dramas, telenovelas and some already aired before in other channel like The Two of Us and Encantadia (mak and pizet's favourite)

I don't watch it much, not a fan of long-story-that-who-knows-will-end-since-it-contains-hundreds-of-episodes-and-too-much-dramas. I can't unsubscribe it as it's a part of Mustika. I don't watch Bella but I do watch Warna dan Citra. Why didn't Astro provide us with pick up choice like that pick and i-forgot section at Giant. Then it will make my life easier.


syuhada said...

long-story-that-who-knows-will-end-since-it-contains-hundreds-of-episodes-and-too-much-dramas HAHAHHAHA!! Ini termasuklah sinetron indonesia...

Prinzcy Syida said...

telenovelas included.