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Tuesday, February 28

Work, Weather and ...

Lately I started browsing for vector design online. I found one for RM60.00 (plus expansion pack) which I planned on buying in the nearest future. One CD (or DVD, CD still exist? XD) should contain hundreds or thousand designs. It would be enough to start card design business. Wuuu, dream big Syida~~~

Nah, that card design business could probably be too big at the time being. So I'll start will small one. Plus lots of people getting married these days, it's a business opportunity. Make me wonder though, how many anak dara and teruna in this village that we still receive invitation even not on school holiday? The most recent was yesterday. We still have a few more invite for the next month and one for the month after.

Leave that issue aside, I, like other people, now complain about hot weather. Human never satisfied aren't we? We complain for rain, hot and almost anything. I guess we have to learn to be more grateful and complain less.

BTW, just for sharing sake, I found this video.

Feeling calm a bit?