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Wednesday, February 15

Soft Hearted in Business

To be soft-hearted may be handicapping, in a sense. But on the whole, a soft heart is to be preferred to a hard heart. Hard-hearted, severe, dominating giants sometimes manage to get further and to amass more money. But they get less genuine joy out of life.... It is the hard-boiled employer, not the soft-hearted species, that incites most of our strikes and does most to endanger the harmonious progress of democracy.
-- B.C. Forbes

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Lesson learned for this : If you stated the price tag for something, stick to it. Discount is fine, as long as it doesn't become less than the cost price which will eventually become a loss to your side. Don't fall for pitying and pleaded looks.

There's a reason why I blogged this. Glad to say, I did stick to the price tag.