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Tuesday, February 21

Reminder To Myself

At The Bank

Some people's ethique when using CDM were awful. If you need to bank in large amount of money, go to the counter. Things got worst when there's only one machine at that time and it kept rejecting your money (which you stubbornly try again and again and again...)
Reminder to myself : Be sensible and sensitive. If look could kill, you're dead already (not me, that person)

While Driving

Signals were not decoration and each lane is for one car only. If you need to overtake, do it wisely. Don't go into someone else lane and expect others to avoid or brake. Not to mention, use signal to indicate where you're going. Also it's important to remember, some people are just blind. Be careful of this type.
Reminder to myself : I don't plan to have fun at court again, nuff said.

At Work

Customers, regardless how annoying, pushy, bossy, a total j***, a pain in the err..., they still always right. Still, be firm in your stand especially involving giving huge discount (which is ridiculous when you loss) and company rules and policy.
Reminder to myself : Fake smile always work. Especially when you don't feel like answering.

Just another dilly dally~~~


ranjan said...

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syuhada said...

dont you know that signal adalah hiasan semata2? dan kereta mahal tak ada signal rupanya~~

*sarcasm on

oh, talked about the machine, pagi tadi ada org tu aku tak tau dia buat apa lama gila depan mesin mula tu, tp nampak macam tak buat trxn pun. bila dia perasan aku ada kat belakang baru dia beredar, aku tengok dia membelek resit rupa2nya. wt*@&%^$%&@% apahal belek resit depan mesin ni??!!! lagi satu org yang suka kira duit lepas atm dispense -.- tak pernah aku jumpa lagi atm dispense duit kurang. maybe for the safe side dia nak pastikan duit tu cukup.. but then.... i don't think atm vendors are so dense to release a faulty machine kot.. kira la kat tempat lain, kalau la memang betul tak cukup, pergi komplen kat kaunter. machine tak akan cukupkan duit melainkan letak kad atm sekali lagi buat withdrawal.

tapi kalau pasal cdm tu, i dont really mind people who want to cash-in big amount (the machine is up to 99 pieces after all) cuma bila duit kena reject retry sekali-dua sudah la. tak pun tukar duit tu ke note lain. cdm memang a bit dense sometime.. that's a fact (duit aku yg masih keras berbau duit lagi boleh dia reject?? tapi ni time testing).

panjangnya rant~ sorry!~

Prinzcy Syida said...

syuhada venting her anger 0.0

first time dengar org belek resit dpn machine.

anyway, i also don't mind IF the money accepted on a couple of tries. The thing is, dia try sampai belakang beeline ke pintu. Ada dkt 4 5 org dh. Still, he's not satisfied and continue. Insaf2x la~~~

Duit aku yg keras pn selalu kena reject. so aku renyok2 skit. Kalau reject pn lepas geram.