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Wednesday, February 15

Old Jdorama

Lately I've been watching rerun of old jdorama (Japanase Drama). Well not all of them were old but each dated a couple of years back. Bring back memories actually. Back then at uni, we used to have slumber party to watch dramas or movies. I still remember that one time when we're watching Itazurana Kiss or when we're watching The Eyes and those at the back already pulled pillow up to their eyes. Those were the days~~~*

Anyway, drama that I've been watching lately were:

1 Litre no Namida (or 1 Liter of Tears)

Image credit : wiki.d-addicts

Based on true story of Kitou Aya. That title was so wrong. It should be buckets of tears. I still cry even watching reruns T_________T

Mei-chan No Shitsuji

Image credit: wiki.d-addicts

I read the manga, like 4 chapters and then hate it. I don't even read it at all after that. Then I found the drama version which I love and watch to the end. I wonder whether they'll make second season of this?


Image credit: wiki.d-addicts

All three seasons, inclusing special episodes. Wow. Still love it.

Hanazakari no Kimitachi e (shorten as HanaKimi)

Image credit: wiki.d-addicts

Sano was not as handsome as Taiwan's version of Sano (Wu Chun~~~ *o*). The plot was a bit different. But I still love this one ending compared to the Taiwan's version.


syuhada said...

i'm not really a fan of jdorama compared to kdrama. but the most favorite still would be itazurana kiss (still has yet watched the taiwanese version though)...

dan dulu, selalu tumpang tengok jdorama ang dan zaila sabri.. hahaha~

Prinzcy Syida said...

i luv slumber party~~~

students' life pretty easy (except for the financial part) we still have time to be lazy.

Anonymous said...

rindu slumber party...
rindu zaman kita sama2 hangout time u...

bilik ang ngan syuhada mmg port yg amat sesuai utk wat slumber party...

ada can x nk buat cam tue lg?


Prinzcy Syida said...

zaila, itu kamoo kah?

bleh ja tp kena cari masa. tapi dh tua2 ni (ehem, ayat sedar diri...) x dan nk jumpa. masing2 sibuk keja.


apa kata cari masa buat reunion kecil-kecilan.