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Wednesday, February 29

It's Leap Year!

Taken from my computer.

First and foremost, Happy Leap Year! Of course I made that up myself but this year really is a leap year. Not to mention, the fact I wish that on February...

Ignore ignore ignore

To those who celebrate their birthday today, Happy Birthday! You guys really are special. I did read leap year babies will celebrate their birthday on 1st of March. I think they're some who actually celebrate it on the actual date, 29th of February. So if you're born on 1983, you're just 5 years old today. You're forever young!

You'll be out of teenage years once you're 80 years old.

BTW, if you're celebrating it once in every 4 yours, should you receive 4x than normal amount of gifts?


syuhada said...

what's with the face on the calendar? hehehe~ syida, nanti ang bajet deliver baby on 29th february la... it'll be a forever young child.. bernas tak idea?

Prinzcy Syida said...

I like that face and it seemed fitting with what I had in mind XD

bernas but i do feel sorry for the baby for celebrating birthday once every four years, unless he/she received 4x gift than normal.

syuhada said...

the baby still can celebrate his/her birthday every 28th or 1st march every year.. just that on the leap year, the celebration will be more special.. hehe... btw, 4x gift than normal is a good idea to the baby and painful to others.. haha

Prinzcy Syida said...

probably that's why they celebrate it each year instead of waiting for the actual date. even though once every four year, 4x gift will definitely make us broke.