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Saturday, January 14

Who's Your Favourite?

The video of Australian Mick Tippett quizzing his young daughter Maddie is one that many fathers can probably relate to. During the hilarious video Mick repeatedly asks one-year-old Maddie who her favourite parent is, only for her to repeatedly reply, 'Mum'.

I remembered when we asked Awan, who's son is he, mak or abah? And guess what, he said he's my son. Specific answer, "Anak kak." It took time to correct him.

Let's try this with Syauqi...


syuhada said...

who's your favourite? MUM!
who's your least favourite? Dad~


Prinzcy Syida said...

poor dad~~~

he even need to 'fight' to make sure he become the favourite but still lose in the end.

pizet said...

syauqi mesti jawab papa..haha

Prinzcy Syida said...

try tanya tgk.