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Wednesday, January 25

eWedding : Create Your Own Wedding Website

It seems like people love to publish their live, wedding, babies' life, school life and almost everything else online. I blog, so no complain there. The thing is, it's easier when it's publish online as friends and family (stalkers too :D) can follow our update on something easily. So if anyone wishes for a wedding website, here's eWedding.

Basically eWedding serve as medium for anyone who wish to post/set-a-website/just-for-the-sake-of-informing-everyone-apart-from-using-Facebook-and-Twitter about their wedding. I think it's pretty cool considering everyone is using Facebook now to invite, why don't go for something a bit different?

eWedding features range from RSVP management to mailing list to inform your guests about change or update on anything. You can set it as password protected as well to prevent uninvited guests to attend it.   

Their services cost from FREE to monthly payment of $14.95. You can just choose the free service but it's pretty limited and you're not entitled for your own domain name.

You can choose themes for your wedding website.It can be change 24/7 to your liking (though I must say it's a bit weird to do that but it's your wedding so who can say anything about it...)

Wedding websites from

Anyway, if anyone looking for a baby website, I found Totsites for you.