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Tuesday, December 13

Spring Cleaning

Cleaning what? My blog that is.

OMG Syida, dah bersawang! Tak terupdate!

Summary during my non-updated life (Ya Allah, malasnya this girl~~~)

I work.

I watch that latest Twilight movie and felt really really disappointed. It was like WHAT???!!!

I also watch 3GP movie and don't want to comment about it.

I work.

I attended a short training as voting clerk. And don't ask me when the voting date is as I don't have a slightest clue about it. Why does people think we know? We're not PM.

I work.

I went to Pahang and Syuhada tagged along. It would be fun if it was for vacation and we didn't buy any souvenir. We only went to Temerloh, eat kenduri, stared at Pahang River (literally staring) and found no souvenir or souvenir store. The only product was ikan patin and there's no way I could afford to purchase that for everybody. I want to go there for a vacation~~~~

I was sick for a week. Totally high in fever. Probably could fry an egg if you place it on my forehead.

I was back at work.

So basically not much to update.


syuhada said...

conclusion for this summary --> work! ><

Prinzcy Syida said...

well, yeah~~~