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Sunday, December 25

Sherlock Holmes: A Game of Shadows

The movie poster. Image source : Wikipedia

Syuhada and I went to Big Cinemas Lotus Five Stars at Alor Setar Mall to watch the latest installment of Sherlock Holmes. Actually it's more like the twisted version of the novel but you just can't hate it for unknown reason. You won't find fat, jolly Watsonin this movie as well. As I couldn't book the ticket online (I have no credit card~~~), we decided to try for walk in. The movie already started when we arrived but we still managed to get a seat due to lots of empty seats in the hall.

Author's Comment on The Movie

Pretty good. Not to mention funny and worth my time and money. Professor Moriarty was a true creepy psychopath. He sing along classic music while torturing Holmes and have no remorse or feeling whatsoever while committing to each of his crime to Holmes.

Holmes was known to be eccentric in the novel, according to Watson that is. But he's more eccentric and did weird researches, not to mention create weird devices. But thanks to those weird devices that he was saved plenty of time. Some might thought he died when he fell with Moriarty at the damn amazing waterfall but since I know a bit portion of the novels, I could guess a bit.

Just like in the novel, Dr. Watson got married to Mary Morstan. I kinda love that couple. Hopefully, her life wouldn't be the same as in the novel (spoiler~~~) They planned on going to Brighton for their honeymoon but was interrupted by 'wedding gift' from Moriarty.

Overall the movie was splendid. I couldn't find a reason to hate like any other novel to movie adaptation as it's mostly different from the novel.