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Friday, December 23

4D 3N At Penang

Recently we (my family and I) went for a bit unplanned vacation at Penang. Actually Pizet needed to attend a seminar/workshop/I don't know the real reason actually and she need to take Syaza along. Instead of just me going, mak, Awan & Syahira tagged along and make it a family vacation. and since mak would be going, she insisted that we took Syauqi who we planned on leaving with his papa at home. Kuro was awesome to be able to carry all of us and our heavy luggage (not to mention souvenirs that we bought before return to the mainland). Way to go Kuro!!!

BTW, I have no camera so I have to borrow the images from the Internet T___T    


image source : asiarooms

Free accommodation provided under Pizet's name at Tanjung Bungah Beach Hotel. We were provided a Hillview Queen (I think that's the name~~~). Basically, it's a room with a queen bed and it's facing the street (or the hill as the name suggested) It's a habit for us to stare at the street when we're in the room. There's a lot to see actually like a half naked jolly man jogging every morning, cars rushing and fill the road even after 12 at night (where were they going anyway?), people tried to chase the bus and more activities. Next time I go to Penang, I'll definitely reserve a sea view room. It must be awesome to wake up and see the ocean (though looking at the street was pretty fun too)   

Iron board was not to be requested as the hotel provided ironing room at the surau. Kind of weird to go ironing in the morning there in your PJs. We requested an extra bed and it cost RM60.00 per night. The bed came with a pillow, a towel, a bottle of mineral water and another single bed (that's why it's called extra bed, not mattress). It's the first for me as usually when I only request for extra mattress alone.

We also received free breakfast for two. The menu was basically the same every morning with exception on the last day where they provided nasi lemak instead of the usual fried rice. The choices can be considered okay though I've met better hotel before. But we can't complain on free food can't we?

We visited...

1) Bendera Hill (also known as Penang Hill)

One of the must visit place at Penang. Remember to wear slippers or sport shoes (totally recommended) as you'll be walking a lot. Really really a lot. There's a reason why it's name a hill. When we arrived, it's already flocked with people and I couldn't even find a parking spot. We managed to park at the nearby housing area and some people requested RM3 as parking fee. WTH? That's not even a parking area! Who am I to complain right?

The train. Image source: Wikipedia

Anyway, the get to the top, you could ride the famous Penang Hill Railway or drive to the top (which I never try or know if it's possible to though I did see a road towards the hill top) With Mykad, the ticket for both ways was RM8.00 for adult and RM4.00 for children. Since we were a party of three adult, one child and two babies, it was RM24.00 (Awan got the ticket for free mak brought along his OKU card).

There's a lot to see on the hill if you could walk. But there's a buggy ride service if you don't. It's RM30.00 per car and I don't know where they would take you. I'll just walk, thank you.

Apart from the mosque and the temple, it was said to have a bird park around the hill. I don't know where it was exactly as we didn't find it. I should have asked Tinkerbell about this.

2) War Museum

Originally War Museum was a British fort on the top of a hill at Batu Maung. It's a real thing with lots of event happened, gruesome or not. You can even find guillotine, ammunition chambers, torture chambers, launchers, tunnels, pill box and more.

Entrance fee was RM20.00 per person for adult. That's with Mykad. Then you'll have to walk around the fort to see it for yourself. Some of the steps were steep and you may encounter 'residents' of the hill like snake, ants, bees, take your pick. Luckily I didn't encounter any. Except for a wasp that didn't give a damn about me.

There's news paper clip about Hidden Cities making documentaries of the fort so I searched for it in Youtube.

3) Aquarium, Batu Maung

I don't know whether I should list this out. Actually I did arrived at the aquarium. But when I arrived at the ticket counters, no one was there and we decided to leave. We already started the engine when another family arrived and they were able to purchase tickets. What??? I suggested that we still take a look inside but everyone was already pissed off. BTW, if you still planned to visit, the ticket was only RM5.00 for adult. Totally cheap. The aquarium was inside Fisheries Department Research Institute.

4) Penang Botanic Gardens (also know as waterfall Garden)

I don't know about the waterfall part as we didn't even arrive there. Actually this garden is a public park which you can enter for free. Certain plants being kept in houses like in Orchid House, Fern House, Cactus House and more and for some reasons all were being locked. Probably someone steal the plants ~.~ I couldn't blame them, the flowers were very pretty.

Instead of walking around, we opted to ride the train. It's RM2 per adult and RM1 per child. Totally free for babies. Actually if you're really up to it, I suggest you to try walking as there's a lot more to see by walking around. But with two babies, a kid, a grandmother and scorching midday Sun, I totally not up to it.

The waterfall which I don't know where it was. Image source : Wikipedia

5) Chowrasta Market (also know as Pasar Jeruk)

It seems that a must buy souvenir from Penang were pickles (I just know this...). And the best place to get them was from this market. It's located in front of police station, near Komtar and at a very busy road. But it certainly the best place to go as it provided plenty of choices. Not to mention the pickles from this market were sell elsewhere in Penang as well with a bit higher price. So it's better to go to the source.     

6) Floating Mosque, Tanjung Bungah

The floating doesn't meant the mosque will float as I first imagine it would be (simple minded~~~) The mosque is built on the sea after the original mosque was hit by the tsunami. It is best to go during the day as there's more to see there.

I really need to buy a camera before the next holiday.


syuhada said...

"a half naked jolly man jogging every morning" -- one might get different idea by this statement.. 6-pack handsome guy~

bird park kat penang hill ada dalam filem Ali Setan. there's a scene asmidar went dating with ali there. not sure the park still exist or not though.

pickles are buah pala? -- this is question -.-

and, next holiday would be?

my PM said "haida, after june only can go on leave" :S

Prinzcy Syida said...

unfortunately, reality is harsh. it was a half naked jolly man~~~*

abg aku kata, ada lagi bird park though i don't know where it was.

then we should go somewhere after june. though i still have no idea where to.