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Tuesday, November 8

Flood Preparation

The news predicted that we in northern region may affected by flood either in the middle or at the end of this month. Some places already been flooded and it's a matter of time before it reached here. It's been raining daily.

My village would probably not be directly affected as we were located on the higher ground. But the con usually was, we will become an island due to water level rising in lower areas. We were often neglected during each flood as helps were given to those directly affected. So during each flood, we have to depend on our own food supply. A warning beforehand: never ever ever purchase anything from any shop during flood. The price would skyrocket. Couldn't blame the shop owner as well. They need to drive through alternative road which was more dangerous and longer to buy shop supplies. Sometimes even the alternative road was flooded.

Anyway, since raya has ended and we need to prepare the necessity, I need to go shopping today. I would need:

1. Candles : no electricity during flood and it so sux~~~
2. Food : duh!
3. Hose : mak wanted this, to connect to Puncak Janing's water supply. The water would probably be murky during flood but it's better than nothing as SADA's water supply would stop during flood.
4. Cat food : well, cat got to eat too.
5. Fuel : just enough to fill up the motorcycle as one of our favourite activity during flood is checking water level daily.

Hopefully this time the flood would not be as bad as before.