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Thursday, November 17

Couple's Whimsical Recreation of 'Married Life' From Disney's Up Captured in Real-life Replica of Multi-coloured House

A California couple celebrating their second wedding anniversary used the special occasion to re-create scenes from Disney Pixar film Up in a whimsical life-size replica of its famous multi-coloured house.

Lisa and Geoff Bardot played young Young Carl and Ellie as they lived out the sweet couple's moments together from the movie's opening montage, 'Married Life'.

Bangerter Homes built a perfect replica of the property in the Herriman Township near Salt Lake City, Utah that went up for sale earlier this year.

The 2,800sq ft home has been officially approved by Disney and every detail matched to the 2009 animated film, from the framed photos on the walls, to the furniture and even an electric blue phonograph inside the charming Victorian.

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Awww~~~ Cute~~~

They get a bit carried away though...

Check between the real deal and the movie in comparison.

Lisa and Geoff.  Source:

Carl and Ellie. Source:

The replica house. Source:

The animation house. Source:

Cloud watching. Source:

Same. Source: themovieness

Reading. Source :

Reading, but a bit more romantic. Source: Mediabucket

Of course the whole thing wouldn't be 100% alike but they still awesome as such. One thing still bug my mind though, can that house fly as well?


syuhada said...

wow..... ada duit apa pun boleh.. ye tak?

Tak pernah tengok Up lagi.. tp selalu tengok yg klip Marriage Life tu..

Prinzcy Syida said...

absolutely true ^.^

tgk la