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Monday, October 24

Would You be With Me There?

I heard this from a radio show.

A guy said to a girl, "I will follow you to the end of the Earth."

The girl asked him in return, 'Yes, and would you stay with me there?"

It is a joke actually. But I think it's a good question to ask any guy that courts you if he said the same thing. He might said 'yes' but what will his reason be. Check his eye (just checking, not staring intensely or indulge his beautiful eyes and forget the whole thing XD)

When someone is making something up, their eyes move to the left. It's usually reversed for lefties.

..source : How To Detect Lies

Mine would move to the right then. Of course I wouldn't notice that. But just check his eyes to see whether he tells you the truth or not. Of course someone's who's too good at lying know how to avoid this.

If you ask someone a question and they respond directly after the question, there is a chance that the person is lying. This can be because they have rehearsed the answer, or they're already thinking about the answer just to get it over with and move forward.

..source : How To Detect Lies

So if you're too fast to answer you're lying. Too slow, then you probably be accused of trying to make things up. Really? A bit tricky this part. But I guess when you look closely and observe you'll know whether he's speaking the truth or not.


Syuhada said...

Jawab cepat pun salah. Jawab lambat2 pun salah =.=

Prinzcy Syida said...

honestly, i no longer know how to respond without being branded a liar.