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Wednesday, October 19

Honk! Honk!

Okay so we have lots of unspoken rules that I barely knew and understood, especially as drivers. One of them is honking.

I was driving, alone, and passed an opposite car on the other lane. Suddenly the driver honked at me. So, it's whether:

* I know the other driver. It's an unspoken method of greeting.
* I made a mistake and the driver was pissed off.
* The driver accidentally hit the honk, which pretty ridiculous but not totally impossible.

So which one?

When I was driving I wouldn't have a time to really peek the plate and check the driver's face. Unless the other driver could identify me on a glimpse then he/she probably was saying 'hi'. But on the other hand, if he/she really know me then they would probably know I wouldn't even know it was them and it's pointless to greet me like that. Especially if they honk when the cars were near and I don't even have time to turn me head to look at them.

I probably made a mistake but I wouldn't know it. I might think I knew the driver.

So why don't we just create one rule for one thing. For example:

* Honk for mistake.
* Double honk if you knew me.
* Flash for roadblock.

Then it would make my life easier.

If Kuro could transform, then it would be less a problem as he could just fly or jump over any other puny vehicles and no more honking unless the other vehicles could transform as well (image source: Wikipedia)


syuhada said...

if the other car can transform, are they from decepticon? :P

i'm not the kind of person to honk to say hi... for me, honk is used when you piss at other reckless driver ^^

Prinzcy Syida said...

maybe the other vehicles are autobots as well...