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Thursday, October 20

Driving licence expiry on birthdays next month

Motorists can have their driving licence expiry dates synchronised with their birthdays from mid-November.

Under the new initiative, motorists whose licences expire after mid-November will be able to extend the validity to cover the period in between their licence expiry date and their date of birth.

For example, if their licence expires in December 2011 and their birthday is in July, a one-year renewal of their licence will give them a new licence that is valid for a year and seven months, from December 2011 until July 2013.

After that, they will be required to renew their licence in July.

Under the initiative, motorists whose birth dates are less than six months away from the expiry date of their licences will not be charged for the extra period of validity.

However, motorists who have birth dates that are the same or more than six months from the expiry date of their licence, will be charged a maximum fee of six months.


I think this is pretty cool idea. My license is expiring early next month so I probably miss it until my next birthday. This new rule probably will provoke a couple of situations like:

Situation 1

A : Hey Happy Birthday!
B : Oh yeah, my license is dead! (sudden revelation...)

Situation 2

A : Happy Birthday! What do you want as a gift?
B : You can renew my license.

Or other pretty similar situations. Anyway, I love this idea. Unless you're kind of a person who detest your own birth date or just plainly forgot about it.


syuhada said...

i like 2nd situation XD

and i dont mind somebody renew my license as present every year hehe

Prinzcy Syida said...

i don't mind either, especially if it's renewed for 5 years XD