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Tuesday, October 25

A Can of Fizzy Can Cause Aggressiveness?

A new study found youngsters were significantly more likely to be violent and carry weapons if they regularly consumed fizzy soft drinks.

The study showed those having more than five cans of non-diet carbonated drinks a week were more likely to get involved in violent assaults.

The US researchers are uncertain if the link is causal, but have not ruled this out.
It is possible that unknown factors causing aggression in youngsters also influence their dietary habits – which is why they opt for fizzy drinks – but previous research suggests poor nutrition may be a cause of antisocial behaviour.


To be honest with you, I think they're overdosed with caffeine and sugar. You can either be cranky or have too much energy after a cup of coffee or a can of cola. I remembered Awan drank my nescafe by mistake once, he became too active and full of energy after that. That's the last time he ever drank my coffee.

Minus the lemon, this image will definitely tempt me on the hot day (thank you Wikipedia for sharing this image)   


Syuh said...

Fizzy tu apa? Air soda?

Syuhada said...

That's me, the first comment. Awat tah tertekan enter la pulak -.-"

Prinzcy Syida said...

yup, it's cola (after i read the whole thing) x phm juga kenapa depa guna perkataan 'fizzy'. btw, where did u use 'syuh'?

Syuhada said...

Nak eja 'syuhada' tapi tertekan enter terus dia post komen.. -.-