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Wednesday, September 14

Court Session Timeline

Date : 12 September 2011

8.45 am Arrived at the court.

9.15 am Entered chamber. It was supposed to start at 9.00 am but well you probably know why. My lawyer (and his lawyer) wasn't even there yet. What's the point of arriving early?

9.30 am The first session. And both lawyers still no-show.

9.40 am The first session ended. WTH??? An officer on duty asked why we're still there. I didn't took the summon letter with me but the old man did. But he didn't even remember me. Still since both lawyers hadn't arrived, we had to wait for the next session.

10.05 am Finally, they showed up. After checking our statements, we waited for the next session. In the meantime, both lawyers were discussing among themselves. The other party wanted to claim RM22,000.00 from my insurance. Wow! RM22K! He probably wanted to buy a new bike. Since my part didn't agreed, they had to negotiate again.

10.45 am Both lawyers finished negotiating.

11.00 am My insurance company agreed to pay RM15,000.00 and RM1,500.00 to close the case. Apparently I only need to show my face and they don't need my statement at all. Whatever. I don't want that family to bother me in any way at all after this. And this case also proved, he can also be bought, despite what he said to me before.