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Sunday, August 21

Kuro's Plate Number Fixed

Still remember where the damn mechanic almost snapped Kuro's plate?

Well, I went to another mechanic yesterday. I'd been stalling for so long that I was a tiny bit paranoid it would fell off while I was driving (which luckily that didn't happened)

Since I went on weekend, the shop was full. I had to wait for hours. Can you imagine waiting for hours, the Sun was burning and considering this is the fasting month.

Then when my turn came, the mechanic said something about removing the cover first. I had nothing to say (not like I could say anything) Then after the second screw, he checked the plate and noticed, he didn't need to remove the cover. All he needed was double-sided tape.


He did 'paste' back the plate using the tape. And he only charge me RM1.00 for the tape.

If I knew that's the solution, I would have done that long ago.


syuhada said...

oo.. gitu ke? next time fix sendiri je kan..

Prinzcy Syida said...

tak jgk. double sided didn't really last. kena hujan jatuh blk. makcik kt perodua ckp kena pakai m3 tape (whatever that was)