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Sunday, July 17

Transformers : The Dark Side of The Moon

Syuhada return to her hometown last weekend and invited me to watch the latest Transformers' movie. Of course I agree.

We met at Jitra Mall to try the new cinema (new to us, considering I never been to any cinema in Kedah before and it's the first time Syuhada went there)

We missed the 1 o'clock screening time so we decided to enter the 3.30 screening. Then we explored the mall. There's a lot of stores inside but the food court was damn tiny. There's only a stall opened and everyone queue up. So we seek outside the building. We turned left as soon as we left the building and spotted a stall, so we didn't know there's two restaurants on the right. It's a good thing the chicken rice was good.

The around 3.20, we headed to the cinema. Normally a movie don't start on time. There's a lot of ads aired and all that. No, not there. We even missed a tiny bit of the opening. Their clock must have been a lot faster than us.

Another thing that irked me was the seat numbers. When we entered, we did spotted our seats. But there were a few guys there. The numbers were glued at the bottom and you won't know whether it's the right seat when someone already sat there. So we thought we made a mistake and headed for a possible seat available. Around 10 minutes after that, a few girls came and showed us the tickets. We took their seats. Amazingly, those guys that sat on our seats before were disappeared as well.

Shamelessly, we got up and headed to our real seats.

Movie synopsis

Sam already graduated and had a new hot girlfriend, Carly (whatever happened between him and Mikeala? The book said he was dumped by her). He had a hard time looking for a job despite saving the world twice (probably because he's the unsung hero, nobody knew he did that). Then the Decepticons started killing people and a co-worker who used to work for NASA managed to warn Sam before he was murdered. Decepticons were back and the war began again, this time in Chicago.

Author's Note

1 - Despite being not so successful in life, Sam definitely always have a hot girlfriend.

2 - Wheelie stayed with Sam despite admiring Mikeala and called her "The War Goddess". She kicked him out too?

3 - Somehow the girlfriend was annoying me. Probably that was just me. I know he can't leave her behind but.... I don't know.

4 - "Perhaps this time your leader will understand", said Optimus Prime (something like that) regarding the military and world leaders' decision to oblique the Decepticons' deal in order from the Earth to be safe. Trust me, they don't. If there's a forth installment of the movie, the same thing will happen again.


syuhada said...

i can guess why Mikaela dump him.. living with Sam Witwicky is dangerous! hehe~
to point #4: yeah, the same thing will happen again.. and out of blue, megatron will come back to life (despite being killed in prev movies).
whatever it is, Optimus Prime you are one handsome robot and your voice is cool~ ^^