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Monday, July 4

Sharing is Caring

Really? Sharing really is caring?

In some terms that might be true, but in Awan's case, in kinda annoying.

Since mak still at SP, I'm in charge of both Awan and Syahira. Syahira could managed herself as long as there's food for her to eat in the house. Awan, not so much. Normally I would cook brunch (breakfast+lunch) before leaving to work and some bento for Awan.

Everytime he came back, the bento was empty. I though he ate a lot, that's why the box was empty. Then one day, I asked him whether he ate all that. And he proudly answered, he shared (I forgot to ask whether he shared with only the girls or the class)

WTH? I made that out of love for him, for HIM, not for his class. No wonder he still skinny.

Sharing is good, but sometimes, just keep it to yourself.


pizet said...

dah makin kurus budak tu...kena slalu paksa makan bg berisi ckit

Prinzcy Syida said...

dh mmg paksa n dia selalu marah kata dia gemuk >.>

pizet said...

kalau dia gemuk aku ni obese