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Tuesday, July 12

Not Wordless Wednesday Post

Lately I am so not in the mood to blog. I visited my blogs, I visited blogs that I am following. Then I log out.

Probably one of those writer's block + not in the mood to write disease.

Anyway, Syuhada invited me for a movie this weekend. Where to AS or Jitra? There are showtimes of that movie this Saturday and so is HP. But I'm not sure about the cinema though. Never been there. Don't know how it looked like.

And, unrelated to above issue, this is bloggie's 999 posts. Another post then it will be 1K. It took me years to reach 1000 posts. Wow~~~


I need to be more active in posting.

Also, lately, I love this song.

Probably because of Chris Brown, not of the other :p

Okay, enough rambling. Head back to work.


syuhada said...

baru nak tanya sejak bila ang suka justin bieber? LOL

aku lagi la x familiar dgn cinema kat AS or Jitra. I thought AS got GSC, but turned out the cinema i never heard before :P and i'm wondering if we can book online or not (if cannot directly buy just like gsc). do u want to movie marathon? lepas transformer then HP? haha :P

Prinzcy Syida said...

really? me a fan of him XD

as got cineplex, or whatever that was. can book via phone, not sure about online booking, didn't found any. if we want to do marathon, better start by morning XD