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Friday, July 22

The Diver Who Nearly Got Swallowed By The Whale Shark

No, that's not Photoshop, it's real.

This diver almost got sucked into the mouth of a massive whale shark while it fed on thousands of plankton.

The shark, the sea's largest fish, is actually incredibly docile. The relieved diver escaped from the encounter unscathed and continued to enjoy the presence of the extraordinary animals.

The photograph was taken during a feeding frenzy where more than 600 of the 40ft animals gathered to feed on tuna spawn.

Other amazing pictures from the session taken by photographer Mauricio Handler show 'shark suckers' - other fish attached to the animals as they swam through the sea.

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What happen if it really swallow him? Will it spit him out?


~mEm0RiEs~ said...

Oh my gosh... luckily he escaped. The whale shark is really so..... o.O huge...

syuhada said...

i imagined the exact situation from finding nemo when marlin and dory got into the whale's tummy (of course that for different reason :P)