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Tuesday, July 5

Bionic spectacles could soon be on sale to help hundreds of thousands of blind people ‘see’.
Oxford University researchers are developing ‘smart spectacles’ that use tiny cameras and a pocket computer to alert wearers to objects and people ahead.

They will make it easier for the blind to navigate shopping centres and busy train stations, and could even allow them to ‘read’ bus numbers and the computerised displays on cash machines.

The lightweight, inexpensive glasses, which could be ready for general sale as early as 2014 if tests are successful, would be suitable for most of the 300,000 Britons who are registered blind.

A step in the right direction: World's first 'thinking' prosthetic leg that follows the motions of the body
Elderly people with age-related macular degeneration are likely to be the biggest beneficiaries.

Sources of news and image: Dailymail

If this work, then it will be awesome~~~