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Wednesday, June 15

Yesterday's Anecdotes

A man knocked on Kuro's windshield and asked for a direction to JKR office. I was in front of PERKESO building. So I told him to take a u-turn, go right on the roundabout and the building's around the area. After he left and I think back I realized, I just lead the man to nowhere. I don't think the building was in the area.

I wanted to submit a new employee's registration form. Then I realized I was the only customer and the staffs were looking at me. My hand was already halfway from the ticketing machine when I asked, "Do I still need a ticket?"

They said I did so I punched the button and took my number. Of course the machine announced my number like 5 seconds after that and I already at the counter. Still, the staffs faked a surprise look like they just see me.

At Tesco

I told the cashier that I needed separate receipts as some items were for the office. He agreed and you know, asked the first question before paying "Do you have a Tesco card?"

I handed the card, paid the bill and waited for him to total up the next items. Then before paying, he turned and asked me with a serious face, "Do you have a Tesco card?"


syuhada said...

LOL at the tesco cashier. ask that question is already a routine regardless to a same customer with few seconds :P

Prinzcy Syida said...

he wasn't the first. once i renewed my popular card, then i paid for a book that i bought and the cashier that took my form still asked me whether i have a card.