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Thursday, June 16

Total Lunar Eclipse

In conjunction with total lunar eclipse that happened last night (and viewed in most countries in the world),
Google had come up with another Doodle. Google Doodle of The Day

A lunar eclipse provided a visual treat for sky watchers across the globe - with ash from a Chilean volcano turning the moon blood red for those in some countries.

The eclipse was clearly visible in Islamabad, Pakistan. Most viewers in UK were left disappointed, with the natural phenomenon not visible in most areas. But people in Asia, eastern Africa, the Middle East and western Australia were much luckier, enjoying clear sightings of the dramatic spectacle. Experts said the 'deep lunar eclipse' lasted an unusually long time, with keen amateur and professional astronomers in Iran, Lebanon and India gathering to take it in.
Scientists said such eclipses often exuded a coppery colour, depending on the amount of ash and dust in the atmosphere.

But there was less luck for air travellers, with the grounding of hundreds of flights around Asia. The period when Earth's shadow completely blocks the moon - known as totality - lasted more than one hour. The full moon normally glows from reflected sunlight. A total lunar eclipse occurs when the moon glides through the long shadow cast by the Earth and is blocked from the sunlight that illuminates it. Unlike solar eclipses, lunar eclipses are safe to watch with the naked eye.

source : Sky News


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