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Friday, June 10

'Sorry Dad I Drove The Tractor... But I DID Save Your Life'

Tom Phillips and the tractor. (source : Dailymail)

A boy of 10 saved his dad from being gored to death by jumping on a tractor to drive straight at an angry bull.

Brave Tom Phillips watched in horror as the bull charged at his father Andrew - throwing him in the air like a rag doll on the family farm in Abergavenny, South Wales.

The huge 2,000lb beast then stood over the unconscious farmer, snorting and mauling his lifeless body with its giant hooves.

Terrified Tom climbed onto the tractor for safety - but then had an agonising decision to make.
His father Andrew, 46, does not allow him to drive the powerful machine - and he's not a boy to break the rules.

But instincts took over and Tom turned the key to drive slowly towards his dad lying under the fierce Limousin bull.

Tom carefully aimed for the animal worried he might crush his unconscious father under the giant wheels.

Tough customer: The bull had charged Tom's father throwing him into the air
He managed to nudge the bull away from his father - then ran back to the farmhouse to alert his mother Amanda, 39, crying: 'Dad's dead, dad's dead.'

Doctors found he had 10 broken ribs and severe internal injuries from where the charging bull hit him.

But Andrew survived and was allowed home today two weeks after being hit by the bull.
Proud Amanda said: 'Andrew only survived because of Tom's amazing reactions to what must have been horrific for a 10-year-old boy to witness.

'He idolises his dad and he was sure the bull had killed him and was about to trample over his body.

'We don't let him drive the tractor but he's obviously watched Andrew behind the wheel often enough so he knew what to do.

'He drove towards the bull and managed to push it away from Andrew.
'I have no doubt that Tom saved his father's life - Andrew would not be here now but for the way he acted.

'He's my little hero and I can't tell you how proud I am of him.'
But all Tom could day afterwards was: 'Please don't tell mum, she'll tell me off for driving the tractor!'

source : Dailymail


You really are brave. You are going to go far.


~mEm0RiEs~ said...

he's such a brave boy. it's so touched to read that a 10 years old boy is trying so hard to save his father.