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Wednesday, June 1

Optical Illusion

Courtesy of Yahoo. Seriously, I feel dizzy after awhile.

It's a static image.

It is also a static image. If you want them to stop, focus on one bug for quite awhile.

Image by Professor Akiyoshi Kitaoka. Does the green at the center really is green?

Nope, it's grey. If you focus on the green for a while, you would
realise it's actually grey.

It still a still image but it looks animated.

Okay, enough brain damage. If you want more of these (and your brain still function just fine), you could visit Yahoo.


miss coklat said...

menarik la.. saya pun terpikat.. abstraknya.. erm.. kalo buat template ni ok gak kan?

Prinzcy Syida said...

buat pening kepala baca blog nnt.